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Our Services

Established in 1997, we have been providing the most efficient and effective service possible in response to both our client and project needs for over 25 years.

Installation and Start-Up Assistance

Eagletech has spent extensive time in the field interacting and working with customers. We pride ourselves on being available to our customers and we encourage them to exploit our abilities in assisting in field installation and start-up.

P & ID Development Support

Eagletech is qualified and skilled with proper depiction of control and data acquisition on P & ID's when using a digital control system. We can assist you in properly documenting and simplifying these details by review, mark-up drawings, and attendance at any HAZOP or P & ID review meetings.

System Maintenance

Eagletech can develop a customized maintenance program to service your application requirements (24 hour call availability). This service may include regular backups and verifications, troubleshooting application problems and similar control systems maintenance functions.

Electrical / Instrumentation Construction and Maintenance

Eagletech offers extensive oilfield construction expertise that covers all oil and gas processing applications. All our personnel are very highly trained in the industry.

Electrical Submersible Pump Specialists

Eagletech offers many years of experience in the field of Electrical Submersible Pumps and various motor protection units available for these pumps.

Toshiba VFD Support and Installation

Eagletech personnel have many hours of "hands-on" experience with Toshiba variable frequency drives.

Fisher R.O.C. / Barton Scanner Support

Eagletech also offers Instrumentation Specialists in the area of Fisher R.O.C. and Barton 1140 Scanner for gas metering and SCADA.

Lufkin Well Managers

Eagletech also offers experience in Lufkin Well Managers on Pumpjack Applications.

Barnett Callout Units

Eagletech has extensive experience with Barnett Callout Units on both installation and Maintenance.


Eagletech supports and installs ABB VFD's. We have four certified drive technicians.

Instrument Calibrations

Eagletech offers Instrumentation Specialists in all areas of calibrations.

Argus Pressure Switch Repair Certification

Eagletech has several employees certified in Argus pressure switch repair.

Yaskawa VFD's

Eagletech personnel have many hours of "hands-on" experience with Yaskawa variable frequency drives.

Cutler Hammer VFD's

Eagletech personnel have many hours of "hands-on" experience with Cutler Hammer variable frequency drives.

Fire and Gas Detection Installation and Calibration

Eagletech personnel have extensive training on both installing and calibrating many different brands of fire and gas detection equipment.

Solar Photovoltaic Systems Certified (NOC-7241)

CSA Certification
Eagletech Electric possesses the knowledge, skills and decision-making abilities necessary to pre-plan, implement, configure, install, commission, troubleshoot and maintain solar PV systems.

Licensed Generac Dealer

We are a licensed Generac dealer.

Safety Awards

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Oilfield electrical and instrumentation
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Slave lake generac certified dealer